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Introducing CBD to Mexico with Koi

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I have a personal journey with this website. I began working with them before the pandemic, helping to kickstart their sales. However, after a brand from the US directed the Mexican website to collaborate with an authorized agency, changes were made that negatively impacted the SEO, leading to a sales decline, which is evident in the flatlined graph you can see here. We resumed our partnership in September 2023, focusing on sales recovery. It’s been a challenging journey since we’re currently unable to implement paid advertising with them due to their limited budget. Despite these obstacles, we’ve begun to see an uptick in sales and are now concentrating on driving traffic and enhancing our social media content by providing guidance to their account manager. This project is particularly rewarding for me because I not only enjoy their products but also admire the team’s commitment to advancing these kinds of products in Mexico. I’m confident in our success, especially as we plan to increase investments in link building and content creation. What sets our e-commerce strategy apart is the way we’ve tailored the content to make a significant difference in sales performance.