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Driving High-Ticket Real Estate Leads with Low Budget: Luxxu

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Running the campaign for Luxxu is a significant challenge due to their historically low conversion rate and minimal lead generation for their high-ticket property real estate website. Previously, they managed to secure around 30 leads per month through a different ad account. Unfortunately, they lost access to their manager and their campaign, forcing us to start from scratch in August last year. Since then, we’ve been steadily improving the campaign’s performance despite the low budget constraints.

We faced the daunting task of competing against large companies with substantial budgets. Nevertheless, we discovered effective strategies for attracting high-quality leads. Since taking on the role of their manager, we’ve achieved remarkable success, generating over 100 leads in several months. These leads have translated into profitable property sales, much to the client’s satisfaction. They’ve humorously termed this a «happy problem,» leading us to pause the campaigns periodically to allow them to onboard new sales personnel to manage the influx of leads. We often strategically halt the campaigns to provide them with the necessary time to process all the leads effectively.

I’ve discussed implementing an organic traffic strategy through SEO with them, but they have yet to start, primarily because I only provided them with a small advice last year. Despite having thousands of URLs, they were not generating significant organic traffic and were contemplating hiring a strategist. At the end of the year, I offered a quick piece of advice regarding their sitemap and its structure, considering they manage a substantial number of properties. After implementing these changes, they began to see an increase in organic traffic, which led to a notable rise in organic conversions. Interestingly, even with a relatively small amount of organic traffic, they started to achieve twice the conversions compared to their Google Ads campaigns.

The reason they have not yet invested in SEO optimization is their awareness of existing technical issues that need addressing. They recognize that solving these problems could drive more traffic, but they also understand they are not yet ready to handle such an increase effectively. Therefore, they prefer to spend the following months preparing for growth. They plan to implement their organic traffic strategy once they feel confident in their ability to manage and convert the incoming traffic successfully.