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Building the Best Landing Page for Wakku

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Wakku is an exceptional company. They focus on enhancing happiness at work and overall for the people. I encountered them several years ago, and initially, I offered advice to help them expand their business and to clarify their initial website, which is soon to undergo a major revamp. Currently, we are in the process of designing and developing a landing page featuring the new graphic identity. I am collaborating closely with their representative designer to refresh the website’s image. This project is underway and the progress is remarkable. Very soon, this will materialize marking a significant improvement for the website with its new identity.

I truly relish the opportunity to assist them with their identity because they are on a commendable mission. I am deeply grateful for their unwavering trust in every piece of advice I offer. Now that Eugenia has become a renowned speaker and still seeks my counsel, it’s an incredible feeling. We have collaborated intermittently over several years, and it’s remarkable that people maintain their trust in my work after so long. I can share a video from our initial collaboration where she describes her experience working with me. It’s a testament to the strong, enduring partnerships we’ve built.