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Better homes for Belgium people with Hubo

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Hubo, akin to Home Depot in Belgium, specializes in selling home improvement tools. Through Dexter Agency, I’ve been involved in their CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) project. We’ve implemented successful tests that I’ve led from 6 months ago, boosting their conversion rate by around 10% over the last year. Many team members have been involved in this project. For a website of this magnitude, achieving an increase in conversion rate is particularly challenging, given the extensive range of successful tests we’ve already conducted. This necessitates continuous experimentation to incrementally enhance each step of the funnel. Given their substantial sales volume and the vast user base, even a one percent improvement presents a significant challenge. Nonetheless, we are making progress.

These are some implementations from successful tests ran for them. We have tested different variations for improving clarity, motivation, and trust, while reducing friction.