Enhanced business decisions through data-driven insights

Throughout my career, I’ve developed a keen interest in web analytics, which has led me to pursue an intermediate to advanced level of study in GA4 and Google Tag Manager. This expertise enables me to effectively manage the tagging and tracking of websites and e-commerce platforms by sending custom events. These events are particularly valuable […]

Better homes for Belgium people with Hubo

Hubo, akin to Home Depot in Belgium, specializes in selling home improvement tools. Through Dexter Agency, I’ve been involved in their CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) project. We’ve implemented successful tests that I’ve led from 6 months ago, boosting their conversion rate by around 10% over the last year. Many team members have been involved in […]

Introducing CBD to Mexico with Koi

I have a personal journey with this website. I began working with them before the pandemic, helping to kickstart their sales. However, after a brand from the US directed the Mexican website to collaborate with an authorized agency, changes were made that negatively impacted the SEO, leading to a sales decline, which is evident in […]